• Engaging With Islam:Training Course

    Engaging With Islam
    A Training Course for Christians

    Islam has become an important worldview to understand and respond to. Even if you don't know a Muslim you may be asked questions about Islam, or have questions yourself. Engaging with Islam equips Christians to understand Islam and to engage effectively with Muslims and those who make comments about Islam or have questions. Its goal is to help you to stand firm as a Christian, to defend the gospel and to address issues quickly and confidently. It not only considers Islam but examines and defends key Christian teaching.

    here are seven sessions, and each is a mix of preparation, group discussion and a DVD presentation. The session notes are in the workbook. Each session takes between 60 to 70 minutes.

    The course syllabus is as follows:

    • Session 1: The History of Islam
    • Session 2: The Books of Islam
    • Session 3: The Practices and Beliefs of Islam
    • Session 4: Test a Prophet
    • Session 5: Promoting Islam - Dawah
    • Session 6: Contend for the Faith
    • Session 7: Evangelism

    DVD format PAL

    download both DVD discs zipped together (5.39 GB).

    Or write us if you can't Download

    PS: It is only for Christian Ministers


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